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Audi Q5 7 speeds DSG Transmission

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We serviced a 7 speeds DSG transmission with several problems. Shifting gears was not smooth and very slow. We used our Blue Automatic Transmission Flush Additive - Part Number BA01038 -, Blue Gold Power Nanotech Additive - Part Number BA02038 - and Kroon-Oil ATF SP Matic 2072 with specifications according to OE recommendations. After the service we drove the car on the road with the garage technician to test the results. We are totally satisfied because, according to OE advice, we should replace the transmission, but we could solve the problems without doing so! If you wish to flush with us, find a recommended garage, or know more about our products, please contact us at commerciale@primetechnology.it or visite our website www.primetechnologyit. We will guide you step by step to find the nearest garage or dealer. Do not waste your money! Trust Prime Technology!

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